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Est. 2007

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Est. 2007


DO NOT move your pool table fully assembled. It doesn't matter how many people you have to move it, when moving fully assembled you will most certainly crack either the pool table rails or the slate playing surface . We've had a few people over the years who insisted on moving fully assembled and learned the hard way. Let us do that hard work, that we love to do.


When refelting your pool table it's important to use a quality felt. Even our standard cloth is a high quality wool/nylon blend 21-22oz, water-resistant cloth. We also offer an upgraded felt option, which we would recommend if your pool table is located in a commercial setting. See our Felt colors HERE

Bumpers/ cushion replacement

When replacing your pool tables cushions, we completely remove all the old cushions and glue. We then re-glue new cushions all the way around, Matching the new cushions to the rail profile perfectly. This requires skill and experience, they must be done with perfection.  

Pocket replacement

There are various styles of pockets, but generally we can supply pockets for just about any pool table.There some instances when we can save/repair a pocket, but usually once a pocket is ripped it requires replacing. We use quality all leather pockets for most tables unless it specifically requires a hard plastic pocket or other.  To see our different pocket styles Click Here.


Most of the crating we do is for moves traveling out of state, minimizing any possibilities of the slates bouncing around / shifting during the long drive. When moving from city to city, generally padded moving blankets are more than sufficient to protect all the components of your pool table. When crating for out of state moves, we crate the slate only and bubble-wrap the other components of the pool table. Give us a call, and we'll figure out what would work best for your particular pool table.


The average pool table ( not antique or custom made) installation takes approximately 2-3 hours for complete assembly and leveling. We'll level the table and slates perfectly using the proper equipment. We'll then seam the slates back together with beeswax or bondo,install all hardware, re-stretch the felt or install new felt, if you choose to do so. After the set up is complete, we'll do a final level check from every side of the playing surface. We wont leave until it's perfect!

Slate Repair

When moving or lifting your pool table fully assembled, often times the slate will crack. Sometimes it's a smaller fracture ( not all the way thru), and we can fill the crack with billiard wax. If it's a clean break all the way thru and a large size breaks off, or multiple pieces, we'd probably recommend just replacing the slate. The cost will vary depending on the style/brand/ size of your pool table. 

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