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Est. 2007

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Carom Billiards

Played with cues on a pocketless table, Carom billiards is said to have 1st been played during the 18th century in France. The game is played using 2 white balls and 1 red ball ( one solid white, one spotted white and one red . The object of the game is to shoot one of the white balls into both of the other balls , to acquire a point. The common size carom billiards table usually being 5ft X 10ft, with a 3 piece slate approximately 2" thick. There is also a 4.5ft X 9ft Carom billiards table.

Another version of Carom billiards is called "3 cushion game ". The cue ball is used to strike either of the 2 object balls and any 3 of the tables cushions, before hitting the 2nd object ball.


Snooker is played using a cue stick and 22 snooker balls (15 red balls , another 6 balls of different colors and 1 white cue ball). The red balls are positioned on the table in a triangle shape. There's is also a green ball (3 points), black ball (7 points), pink (6 points), brown ( 4 points), Yellow (2 points) and blue (5 points).  Theses colored balls are positioned at specific locations on the table. Points are acquired by hitting the cue ball into the red balls/ colored balls into the pockets , in a particular sequence.The snooker table generally measures approximately 6ft X 12ft. The slate on a snooker table is usually in 5 pieces, thickness ranging from 1.5" to over 2". The 1st Snooker games date back to the 16th century, and gained much popularity from being played in England. Today snooker has become a huge sport with many tournaments being played around the world.

Traditional Pool

The origin of Pool is most often traced back to the 15th century in Europe. It's said that the game was derived from outdoor stick and ball games that evolved to the indoor pool game. The forerunner of the "cue stick" was originally called a "mace". The 1st known indoor pool table was said to be owned by King Louis XI of France. The early cue balls were made of clay or wood or ivory, and pushed in the pockets with the mace.


There are typically 7ft , 8ft and 9ft pool tables. There are 15 balls used and a cue ball. The standard cues are 57"/58". You will rack the 15 balls using the triangle and then break with the cue ball. If the cue ball goes into one of the pockets or off of the table, this is called a scratch. When a player "scratches", it will be the other players turn and they may place the cue ball anywhere in the head of the table ( on the side of breaking). Pool tables generally have a 3/4" to 1.5" slate in 3 pieces. Many of the pool tables from he 80s era or before have 1 solid piece of slate. There are numbered solid balls and numbered striped balls. Whichever ball is hit into pocket 1st is , is the suit of that player. In other words, if player one hits in a striped ball, he is striped and focuses on hitting all the striped balls into the pockets. 

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