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Est. 2007

1. Don't sit on your pool table, or you risk ruining the pool tables level and possibly breaking the wax that holds the 3 pieces of the slate together.

2. Brush your pool table after play. Use a brush specifically made for pool table felt. You may also vacuum the felt top with a very light suction vacuum to remove chalk build up / residue.

3. Don't use a cue stick that does not have a cue tip. Without the cue tip you risk puncturing the felt when taking a shot.

4. Clean leather pockets with a soft cloth and leather cleaner.

5. Don't ever attempt to move your pool table fully assembled, even a couple feet. You will offset the level and you also risk cracking the pool table in a variety of places. Remember the average table weighs about 850lbs fully assembled.

6. The ball set can be cleaned with ball cleaner, however there are some who use a soft cloth dampered with warm water.

7. Wood pool tables should be cleaned with wood cleaner and a soft cloth.

8. You should always use a pool table cover when not in use. You prevent dust build up,and spills.

9. It's always recommended that cues be stored in an upright position, to prevent warping.

10. Felt can be cleaned with pool table felt cleaner. If you have pets, a lint roller works great for stray hairs that stick to the felt.

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Pool Table Care and Maintenance

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